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Our main core activities include stamping, welding and surface treatment, in addition to assembly and chemical surface cleaning.

We are constantly expanding our technological capabilities and, if necessary, we combine them with sister companies (AE-Plasztik Zrt., IK Metál Kft., Vart-Speciál Kft., IK Szereléstechnika Kft.) in close cooperation, thus satisfying the highest customer requirements.

Our production base is located within a 6 hectare site at Gyár utca 35 in Ajka, where we serve our partners with ~10,000 m2 of utilisation of the area in the financial year 2022.


Stamping - Pressing:

  • more than 50 machines
  • cam presses 10t – 630t – 45 pcs.
  • hydraulic presses 25t – 250t – 4 pcs.
  • servo presses 400t, 630t – 1+1 pc
  • individual and progressive dies


  • manual resistance spot welding
  • resistance spot welding with robot
  • Manual MIG/MAG arc welding
  • MIG/MAG arc welding with robot
  • Resistance bump welding of fastening elements
  • Installation of Poka-Yoke where required

Surface finish:

  • manual galvanising
  • semi-automatic line
  • coatings: Zn, Ag, Cu, Ni, Sn
  • KTL and powder coating (with external partners)
  • chemical surface cleaning


  • custom assembly lines for some products
  • semi-automatic and manual production lines


  • 3D measurements
    Creaform HandyScan 3D + Metrosoft Quartis Wenzel XO55 + Metrolog X4 Derby Etalon 454 CAD software Siemens NX12

The most important technological developments of the last 9 years worth EUR 3 million:

  • 2013.
    600t blanking press ISGEC
  • 2015.
    600t blanking press ISGEC
    Resistance spot welding robot Fanuc

    Spot welding machine Tecna

  • 2017.
    Arc welding robot Fanuc
    Resistance spot welding robot Fanuc
    400t servo press ISGEC
    Koyo semi-automatic assembly line

    630t servo press ISGEC
  • 2021.
    150kVA spot welding machine ProSpot
    2x150kVA spot welding machine ProSpot
    3D scanner HandyScan
    3D Creaform