Production, manufacture of industrial sheet metal parts
CO2 and spot welding - manual and robot welding
surface finish Zn, Ag, Cu, Ni, Sn
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Welcome to our website

Chief Executive Officer's welcome

As a subsidiary of Műszertechnika-Holding Zrt., Ajkai Elektronikai Zrt. continues to adapt to the challenges and requirements of the 21st century, carrying on the traditions and corporate culture created by its predecessors. We have combined these with the experience of the present, adding value to the decades of accumulated expertise. We are proud of the fact that our company, as a 100% Hungarian-owned company, is still able to stand its ground in the mostly multinational environment built around the automotive industry.

Our aim is to further develop our core activities, to exploit the specialities within our technology and to provide automated, complex solutions for our partners’ component and assembly manufacturing needs!

Balázs Vitai

100% Hungarian-owned large manufacturing company

Introduction and
our history

Ajkai Elektronikai Zrt. has produced and manufactured various industrial sheet metal components since 1962, and has been a partner of OEM manufacturers and component suppliers in Europe.

Our direct – Tier 1 – relationship of 20 years with Magyar Suzuki Rt. with the production of hundreds of different types of metal parts (bodywork components, door hinges and fittings) alone is representative of the vertical complexity of our capabilities.

Our scope of activities includes the following technologies:

  • pressing 10-630 t

  • CO2 and spot welding – manual and robot welding

  • surface finish Zn, Ag, Cu, Ni, Sn

  • assembly

Our services range from multi-stage complex assembly production to component manufacturing and custom contract manufacturing.


quality, safety, usability



Our core business is plate pressing up to 5 mm plate thickness.


Spot and CO welding - Robot and manual stations

Surface finish

Manual galvanising (hanging and drum) Semi-automatic line


Simple or complex sub-assembly, assembly


3D measurements

Working with the world's leading manufacturers

Our partners