2019 Commissioning of a semi-automatic assembly cell with sensors

Dedicated to more complex assembly operations, the assembly cell has been developed to ensure that different parts are fitted at the right time and in the right sequence. Since the precise adherence to assembly steps is one of the aspects that affect the functionality of the finished product, the developed method should filter out any errors that may be due to human carelessness. This ensures the error-free production expected by automotive customers!

Principle of operation: During the production of assemblies consisting of 4 to 8 parts, the worker picks the required parts from ergonomically positioned parts bins. A sensor on the bins detects whether the worker is picking the required parts in the correct order, which are then assembled on the assembly’s respective base plate. The last part is automatically pressed in and the assembly is checked by a camera. The data generated during the assembly and inspection process can be saved on a CF memory card or on a central server.


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