Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance


The Basic principle of the Quality policy of Ajkai Elektronikai Ltd. is the exploration of real and hidden demands of the customers and their maximum satisfaction, as far as possible. We want to reach the excellent quality needed for this by motivated workers with safe and steady workplace, working under calm conditions, with a suitable, profitability assuring the further development.

Our purpose is that our products should radiate the safety, the excellent utility ant the message of comfort and aesthetics from themselves through the final products, when they are purchased by the customer.

We shall provide our partners’ – works, customers, suppliers, owners, nearby inhabitants – interests, by marking decisions based on facts, considering their opinion and by high level management culture.


The above mentioned issues are served by means of our continuously developed ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 quality control system. This system is strictly controlled, but still flexible; thus, it is able to accommodate to customer-specific demands, and the changes of outer and inner conditions. All our workers understand the essence of our quality control system and of those processes and introductions which are concerning them they have a thorough knowledge; they keep them and make everyone keep. However, everybody can initiate the improvement and further development of them.

We are persuaded of that, that we can reach our purpose by means of continuous development  only. For the sake of this, we defined emphasized expectations in the following fields:

 - Outer and inner product quality level expectations, for each customer.

 - Customer satisfaction index

 - Worker satisfaction index


We are obliged to protect our environment to a greater extent; therefore we operate in accordance with our ISO 14001 qualified environmental management system.


The functioning of our quality control system and its purposed comprehend and influence all the activities of our company.