Ajkai Elektronikai Kft. produces mainly automotive parts by stamping, as well as it makes automotive assemblies, in case of demand the surface protection is also carried out.

 The management of our company will pay attention to a greater extent in the future, that its economical decisions be reliable with a view to environmental protection.

 We carry out our activity in such a way, considering our current possibilities, that we decrease gradually the harmful impacts on our environment and avoid environmental pollution.

When launching new technologies, we attach great importance to environmental protection. Our target is to fulfill the legal and other environmental requirements related to us.

By means of implementation of our environmental protection programs, we increase continuously our environmental performance and contribute to the improvement of the environmental condition of Ajka and its surroundings, as follows:

 - We optimize our consumption of electric and gas energy by continuous measuring of usage; we explore our energy losses and make strenuous efforts to discontinue them.

 - In our production processes, we pay special attention to our employees’ material and energy saving proposals and their prompt implementation.

 - We provide the improvement of water quality of Torna-creek by efficient cleaning of our industrial wastewater.

 - By decreasing our consumption of lubricant we realize more environmental-friendly production.

 - We keep our noise emission under the permissible limit.

 - We operate a monitoring system in order to observe the condition of groundwater.

 - We pay attention to the environmental aspects of the interested parties, providing the access to our Environmental Policy.

By means of setting into operation our environmental management system and by improving the environmental awareness of our workers, suppliers and subcontractors, we want to realize jointly our environmental objectives.